Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Time to Play

Since my mom and dad found out I was on my way they began preparing for me. In some ways they were like many new parents researching all the latest equipment and buying cribs, car seats, strollers and the like. Where they are a little different is that they went way overboard on buying books (I have a better library than some elementary schools) but neglected to buy me any toys. Thanks to Tom and Kate I at least had a few stuffed animals when I came home from the hospital.

Before I only had my play mat and my vibrating seat to keep me occupied but over the last several weeks my parents have finally gotten their act together and bought me some toys. It took them this long because they have to research everything. They wouldn’t dare to purchase something for me to play with on a whim because apparently it could kill me. These toys (among others) will help me learn, explore the world and understand new concepts as I find them. My favorite toy now is “Sophie” the giraffe. I like her because she squeaks, has great contrasting colors and tastes so good. I also have two new rattles that I like. One is made of cherry wood that has a matching teething ring made of maple and the other is a soft green frog. With any luck my parents will do a little less research and a little more buying of toys.

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Kater said...

That's Miss Kate and Major Tom to you, young man!