Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Arrested Development

I’m now 17 weeks old and I’ve finally started to roll over. Within hours I plan on running, climbing, and, maybe, flying. We’ll see.

While developing as fast as I can to spite the enjoyment of my parents, I’ve noticed that most of you people have no idea what happens when as a baby such as myself develops. So as a refresher, here are a couple things that are happening to me now and will happen to me in the near future:

I can now distinguish several hundred different spoken words; many more than are in my parents native language. My brain has organized itself around the words heard most frequently and is beginning to create an auditory map to process the languages efficiently. And even though there is no research to indicate that one kind of music or another promotes early brain development, I do respond positively to music. Mostly, to my parents chagrin, opera.

While I am now living in a predictable world that has some order to it, I am also able to sleep for longer periods of time, can go longer between feedings, and am establishing a new schedule for eating, sleeping, and experiencing the world. My blossoming mental abilities are helping me organize what I see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. When I am in comfortable and secure surroundings, I am especially responsive to people, objects, and new experiences.

My parents help by holding me so that the world has a sense of predictability. They talk back to by coos, bubbles, and random attempts at conversation, but have yet to fully grasp the complexity in which I can communicate. Hopefully, in time, their brains will evolve enough to be able to communicate with me.

Over the coming months I expect to keep moving up in the world. At six months I’ll be able to switch a toy from one hand to another, my speech should become clearer to my slow parents, and I should be able to sit up on my own. I’m not rushing any of these, and if I don’t meet some and happen to do others early, that’s all right too.

By nine months I should be turning pages in board books, looking at familiar objects and people when named, imitating others, sort-of crawling, and my vocabulary will expand a bit. At twelve months I will finally be able to meaningfully use certain simple words, pulling myself to stand up and cruising along furniture. I might even stand alone and take several independent steps, but I’ll wait and see how I feel about it.

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Kater said...

By Christmas I will only recognize you from your pictures.

How strange!