Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Teeth Are Coming, Run For Your Lives!!!

My soon-to-be teeth
Are causing me grief,
They make me cry and whine.
But soon they'll be in,
The start of a grin,
And then I’ll be feeling just fine.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Have Found My Voice and it is Loud

Sure I can’t speak in words that you people can understand, but my linguistic prowess is finally coming of age. This last week I have learned to conquer at least two octave ranges, while coming close to a third. With any luck, I’ll be able to break glass with my voice sometime over the next month.

The upside to this (and it’s all upside for me) is that my parents finally are beginning to understand what it is that I want. They were previously horrible at comprehending my simplest vocal commands, but have since flowered in their ability to grasp my needs. I will have them completely trained in no time. Hopefully, before I have to learn any words or sign language.

Take the video below as an example. I clearly am expressing some displeasure about something. To an intelligent linguistically-able human being, it should be quite clear. What I am saying is so simple that even a baby can understand. But here, for those of you who can somehow read, but lack the ability to get my fully functional vocal prowess, this is what I am saying:

"To whoever is working that camera, I have soiled myself and have not yet developed the manual dexterity to properly replace my diaper with the grace and dignity that I deserve. So please put down the camera and change me, at once. If you fail to do so, I will reiterate my complaint at an increased decibel until your small mind is able to grasp my dilemma. Thank you."

Sunday, July 6, 2008


This last week I left my first home in Saginaw, MI. With it I left my friends, who have become my family. Tom, Kate, Elizabeth, Amy, and all of the people who came in and out of my life during the first 20 weeks are now thousand miles away. It may be that I don’t remember each and every face or smile, but I will always remember the love and kindness directed at me. At any age, every positive thing adds to the richness of life. And friends - good friends - provide a depth that is unobtainable alone. To this end, I say goodbye to certain individuals who have been there since my beginning and have had a heavy influence on me.

Tom, thank you for letting me fall asleep on you. You are extraordinarily comfy and I will miss your funny faces. Even when I was forced upon you by schedules and opportunity, you handled it gallantly. Kate, you were always there to entertain me and tried to get me to be happy as much as possible. If I ever have the honor of having you put me to bed again, Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty. Elizabeth and Amy, without you, my parents would have left me alone in the house in a cardboard box, with only Lucy to look after me. You kept me safe, comfortable, and contented. I will hold on to your blankets and smiles for my whole life. And will forever be in your debt.