Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Goofy Individual

I am the very model of a goofy individual,
My movements are quite comical, while still very whimsical,
I’m quite adept at funny faces; many books I have read.
From reading to swimming classes, play is what I do instead.

I am the symbol of the proper childhood etiquette
Those who know me often praise me, I will happily admit
But I’m still humble because I have yet to learn arrogance
Even singing this to me increases my intelligence.

My learning process is still challenged chronologically
So puzzles to my Rock-a-Stack, all problems handled logically;
My learning is a daily thing, new memories I do obtain
If I had a fault it would be that my parents are clearly insane.

He beats on nearly everything because he’s awfully musical
He excels at mostly everything as long as it’s quite lyrical.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Off-Broadway Obstinance

The drama is real, the action is intense and tantrums will blow your mind. My full developed opinion is now showing at multiple locations. Don’t hesitate; run don’t walk, to your nearest patient expression - because you’re going to need it. Remember: this is a limited time offer that is only available for the next couple of years and will decrease in intensity as I learn to communicate and cope with my surroundings. So get your tolerance in check, compose that coolness and find your happy place, because this battle is going to be awesome!!!