Thursday, May 29, 2008

Communication Breakdown

I do not understand what is wrong with the people around me. I speak in a language that should be both universal and easily comprehended by all. My body movements match my speech and clearly exemplify the point that I am trying to get across. There is no excuse whatsoever for anyone who cannot easily and intrinsically understand what I am saying. And yet, no one seems to. All they do is coo, smile, make funny sounds, and stand there looking at me as if they themselves have never once attempted to communicate with another living creature and therefore could not be expected to even chance a guess as to what it is that I am saying. It is extraordinarily frustrating.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Have Chosen Wisely

I have come to a conclusion involving some of my early likes and dislikes: Dad is not as interesting as the ceiling fan. In order to explain how this is so, I’ve created the following comparison chart:

DadThe Ceiling Fan
Reads to me in three different languages Provides endless hours of entertainment
Makes funny faces and voicesReflects the light from the room
Changes my diapers and feeds meConstantly spins above my head
Works to provide me the essentialsIs my friend

So as you can see, there is a reason that I constantly ignore dad and stare at the ceiling fan - it’s just more interesting!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My First Vacation

This last week I went to Grand Cayman with my Mom and Dad, Aunt Marian, Uncle Justin, Grandma Joan, and Grandpa Edgar, along with Mr. Tom’s and Ms. Kate's friends and family. The purpose of the trip was so that Mom and Tom could attend their MD graduation from St. Matthew’s University at the Ritz-Carlton on the island.

Truth be told, I really needed this vacation. You have no idea how hard it is being a baby. Honestly, people just look at you and think that all you do is sleep, poop, and eat -- but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just imagine trying to learn to do everything from scratch. I have to mentally learn a new language (or a couple if my dad has anything to say about it), verbalize said language, and then be able to comprehend what I am saying at real-time speed. There’s that, plus still trying to understand everything else that is coming at me high speed. I’m building a personality, finding emotions, exploring the world, working on my coordination... It’s really, really hard. So as I was saying, I needed this vacation.

Over the course of the week we went to a bunch of different beaches, toured Grand Cayman’s capital of Georgetown, visited the Turtle Farm, Hell (an actual place in West Bay), a bunch of restaurants, East End, the National Reserve, and a wonderful private beach where everyone stayed. It was amazing. There were lots of people who did a good job of making sure that I barely got any sleep at all. And it was an experience that I will take a lot from. I am now back at home trying to recover from the last week. I posted the vacation pictures in the Week 11 Pictures section.