Friday, April 24, 2009


Please allow me to apologize for what some people may see as an overtly rude gesture on my behalf. You see, ever since I have learned to communicate, albeit in a most substratal way, I feel the need to inquire as to what it is that I am seeing. What is the proper name, how it is used and why is paramount to my own communicative development. So if you see me coming your way, lacking all etiquette, pointing at an object and saying the word “that?,” please understand that I am simply caught up in a moment of educational fervor and in no way mean any disrespect.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Over the last couple of weeks my parent have drug me all over Southern California. We’ve been to Hollywood for a movie opening, fancy restaurants to meet celebrities, China Town, Olvera Street, the Los Angeles Arboretum, Alhambra’s Farmers Market, Sea World, the Sand Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, hiking in the Sierra Madres and to almost every beach and city in-between Los Angeles and San Diego. Yesterday we flew back into Atlanta where we will stay for a day visiting relatives before driving home and packing for next week trip to Holden Beach, NC for Easter.

While I really enjoyed California, I’m not sure that I could live there. The weather is too nice, the beaches are wonderful and there is always something to do. In short, what would I complain about? Traffic – too young to care. Earthquakes – getting shaken about it fun. Politics – I haven’t made up my mind about any of it. Nope, I just didn’t see anything in California that would make me cranky. But maybe, just maybe, if we go back to California this summer, I’ll find something.