Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Symphony

Music is omnipresent in our house and I’ve learned to bop and sway in time. Outside of the house I’ve been to a few music performances, a large drum jam in Asheville, NC, and a one open air rock concert. This last Friday night Mom, Dad, Grandma Joan and Grandpa Edgar took me to the 17th Annual Celebration of Youth Concert at Anderson College. There was a full orchestra, made up of people of all ages, three different choirs from different schools and grades, and a variety of music ranging from Edward Elgar to the Beatles. Between the diverse types of music, to the people clapping in the crowd, the whole thing was an experience that I greatly enjoyed. My only complaint was that it started at 8pm, my usual bedtime. Still, I made it until a little after intermission before I just couldn’t hold out any more. I hope to go to more of these, at an earlier time, as soon as my schedule allows.

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