Friday, March 28, 2008

Growing and Developing

Yesterday I had my one month check-up at the doctor. I had to take off all my clothes but my diaper and they they weighed me, measured me, took my temperature, looked in my ears, eyes and throat, and then they felt my belly and my back. I didn't mind most of it, but when the doctor stuck the stick in my mouth I got really mad. I have grown a lot since my last visit. I now weigh 10lbs 9oz and 24in long. The doctor says that I am doing great and to keep up the good work.

There are so many new things that I am learning too. I have started smiling at Mom and Dad. I think they like it when I smile because it makes them smile more too. It is also kinda fun because when I do it they crowd around me and do make some really strange faces trying to get me to do it again. I have also figured out that I can uses my hands to reach for things that I want. I can make the toys on my vibrating chair move and rattle and one day soon I am going to be able to make the dog shaped one play its music.


Ferociouskater said...

We all make funny faces at you because we're showing you how goofy YOU look.

Grandma said...

2 lbs, 5 inches, WOW you are getting so big. stick in the mouth wait til you start teething you will want the stick to chew on.