Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don't Bump the Glump

Last night Dad finished Coraline by Neil Gaiman and we needed a new book to read, as I think that both Mom and Dad have read me everything on my bookcase. Luckily, we picked up the newly released Shel Silverstein book, Don't Bump the Glump and Other Fantasies. It was kinda dark and weird, but I liked it.

My Daddy's favorite poem is In Waukesha Wisc. I think he liked it because it was really, really hard to read and he kept messing it up. He made me a promise to reread it a million times until he could get it right every time. Mom doesn't think he'll ever be able to read that poem without messing it up. See if you can read it out loud:

In Waukesha Wisc.

In Waukesha Wisc.
You take quite a risk
Whenever you go to the movies,
For there in the dark lurks the Double-Toed Vaark
And the man-eating Scale-Faced Scoovies.

There are Gobble-Eyed Gohrks
And Slimy-Tailed Borks
And Hunchlings, and Broggy-Beaked Byzes
And Gumboons and Grobs and Globamabobs
And Creelzies of various sizes.

There are Bony-Backed Bleaks
And Razor-Toothed Kleeks
And Wailees and Glumpaching Gorkle,
And the shivery shrieks from the Gaiterings Geeks
Are worse than the snort of the Snorkle.

There are Glumgurds and Speem,
And the Grizimy's scream
May awaken the Foul-Tempered Fisk
And the Scale-Faced Scoovies that dwell in the movies
Right here in Waukesha Wisc.

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Ferociouskater said...

Miss Kate will read it to you. She's better at made-up words than Daddy. It's a date.