Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Nut Case

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) November 7, 2008 - Contrary to widespread recommendations, the consumption of peanuts in infancy is associated with a low prevalence of peanut allergy, the results of a new study suggest.

"Our study findings raise the question of whether early introduction rather than avoidance of peanut in infancy is the better strategy for the prevention of peanut allergy," write researchers in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology… (read more here)

Over the last couple of months my parents have slowly introduced me to all kinds of new types of foods. I’ve had everything from cactus leaves to lobster and even an occasional peanut product. So when my parents gave me a small piece of bread with peanut butter for lunch today, they didn’t think much of it. Personally, I was delighted - so much so that I ended up with my face covered in yummy peanut butter.

About 15 minutes later, after my Dad drove like a madman to drug store to get a bottle of Benadryl, we were headed to the local emergency room. About an hour later, after the hospital staff had run a bunch of test and given me a steroid to suppress immune functions, we heading back home. About a couple hours later, I'm calmed down, feeling better and headed to bed for the night.

My sensitivity doesn’t seem to be too serious and Dad’s promised me that when I’m a little older I can go to an allergist to see if and how I’m allergic to peanuts. Until then, it’s probably best that I don’t eat or wear them.

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Kate said...

Oh no! I hope you don't become that kid who ruins it for the whole class come birthday treat time. Glad you're okay.