Friday, September 5, 2008

I am a Savage Beast

Lately I haven’t been sleeping so well. I wake up screaming and I’m not sure why. For hours following my awakening, I’m a loud, arrogant, savage beast. That is, until my parents realized how to tame me. It all started when my Dad played Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue during a screaming fit at 1am. Immediately, I couldn’t cry - and all I could do was listen.

This morning as Dad and I were playing on the floor, he turned on something called Henryk Górecki and his Symphony No. 3. Mom usually puts on something like Barenaked Ladies or Queen. But no matter what is on, I love to listen. Music is what feelings sound like, and I want to feel everything!

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Kate said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of music, my little friend. I hope you enjoy it throughout your life, even if you don't have mom's voice or dad's bow.